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    Bubble Ball Fun For Your Event

Recommended For: Large groups interested to enjoy multiple activities at one location (carnival style) – Bloop, Combat Skirmish, Land ZOVB, Laser Clay Shooting etc.


Enjoy a wide array of activities brought to you under the ‘Wow Experience’ umbrella. A great opportunity to bring colleagues, families, children together to enjoy a day out!


Group size: min 30 pax, up to 300++ pax (family day/carnival) Venue: Outdoor parks, large indoor venues (eg. sports halls)


COMBAT SKIRMISHlaser_tag_activity_fun_family_day_ideas

Suitable for young children, youth and adults, this game of laser tag guarantees a whole new level of combat adrenaline rush without the bruises! Engage in a team death match game of combat skirmish against another team whizzing through inflatable walls and obstacles.


Bubble_ball_suits_BLOOP_fun_gameBLOOP SOCCER

Ever tried playing soccer in a bubble suit? No worries about bumping into your opponents because it is exactly what makes this activity so unique and fun! Also includes a series of mini games such as ‘dog-and-bone’, ‘Sumo’.





Get a strike from life-sized inflatable bowling pins that are knocked down via a huge ‘Land ZOVB’ ball. The faster you run inside the ball, the higher chances of your strike! Land_ZOVB_bowling_game_station



Pit your shooting accuracy skills against each other by taking on our laser clay shooting challenge! Equipped with deactivated shotguns, you fire off ‘laser’ shots towards stationary and flying clays to be crowned the best marksmen of the game!