Recommended For: Rock band team building is great for groups interested in a musically-inclined team building programme


It requires a great deal of teamwork for a rock band to come together to produce melodic musical tunes. In this session, participants will get hands-on experience to play different instruments; guitar, drums, keyboard, bass, percussion, lead singer! A trained musical professional will guide participants their individual parts in the song and everyone will come together to perform the piece at the end of the session. If you have not tried the rock band team building, click on this link to contact us to book your own session or find out more information today!


Group size: Less than 20 pax
Venue: Fixed location at Chinatown (instruments included)


Learning Values:
✓ Critical listening skills
✓ Replication and coordination
✓ Visualising to achieve musical goal
✓ Accuracy and excellence
✓ Practice makes perfect