Recommended For: The all time favourite laser tag game is best for groups looking for something exciting and challenging that will require them to ‘sweat-it-out’ for team building.


Think paintball but in a much safer, fun and relaxing environment. The tagline of ‘Combat Fun without Bruises’ is what makes this session of laser tag games so popular with many corporate groups. Combat Skirmish utilises infra-red rays and technology to bring across various team building game missions for teams to strategies and conquer their opponent teams. Requires high level of teamwork, communication and coordination amongst participants.


Group size: min 15 pax, up to 60 pax
Suggested Venues: Sentosa, Mount Emily Park, West Coast Park, East Coast Park, outdoor locations etc.


Learning Values:
✓ Strategic thinking and planning
✓ Allocation of manpower based on individual strengths
✓ Identifying key roles – leaders, VIPs, medic etc
✓ Adopting tactics and decoys to accomplish missions
✓ Listening & encouraging team members
✓ Effective communication within groups to pass essential information during game play


Combat Skirmish Team Building Missions (examples):

Team Death Match
A warm-up game for familiarisation purposes, teams compete for the least amount of deaths and most amount of kills against the opponent teams.
Hidden VIP Touch Base
Teams appoint a secret VIP (unknown to opponent team) who has a specific mission to accomplish with the assistance of the rest of the team.
Medic / King of the Hill (Final Missions)
Teams either work together to eliminate their opponent’s medic or dominate the ‘Hill’ by achieving the longest gameplay timing.