Recommended For: Groups looking to have their personality profiling test completed and understanding how it complements in team dynamics


DISC measures behaviour that expands to a work setting of what you are expected to be and what you truly are. This tool provides clarity to many organisations which will make them more efficient and develop better working teams together.
There are four personality types; which blend together to determine your unique personality:

DISC pie chart for profiling

Group size: min 15 pax, up to 80 pax
Venue: Indoor venues (function rooms)
Cost: $125/pax for half-day programme inclusive of individualised DISC report


Programme Content/ Learning Values:

Personalised individual report for each participant on their DISC profile
Understanding and appreciating diversity in teams
Team building tasks and activities conducted in smaller groups
Debrief on each personality type and how this attributes to your work attitude
Managing people changes and personality types in a team well