Recommended For: Groups looking for one main team building activity that will foster better understanding and communication between colleagues.


As the title suggests, the main objective of this activity requires teams to come together to complete a ‘build-task’. Working with limited resources, teams will need to plan a clear strategy while allocating their resources and manpower accordingly. Through the course of the programme, additional scenarios depicting a real-life office environment will be thrown into play as challenges for the teams to cope with.


Group size: min 15 pax, up to 80 pax
Suggested Venues: Indoor Venues (function rooms)


Learning Values:

  • ✓  Managing multiple tasks within teams
  • ✓  Working effectively with limited resources and constraints
  • ✓  Effective communication among group members
  • ✓  Effective planning and execution of a project
  • ✓  Coping with changes in the work environment and organisation
  • ✓  Effective deployment of manpower


Unique ‘Builder Quest’ Programme – with SPHERO capabilities
Still applying the concept of a team of members coming together to complete a build task; this time with a unique twist in this programme: Building a Race Course for the Sphero Ball.

This Sphero ball is a ‘programmable’ instrument which is able to perform various tasks via an IPAD application. Finale is an exciting race for all teams!