Recommended For: Fun-loving groups looking for something that encompasses team building values without being overly strenuous.

An all-time popular game for everyone. This race is not just a simple treasure hunt but comprises of meaningful traits and team building elements at every station that you visit. You will not only be exposed to navigation skills, but will also have lots of fun and a good time bonding with your colleagues! Teams are scored based on how well they complete the station tasks as a team, not how fast. This is a program that focuses on teamwork, not speed!


Group size: min 15 pax, up to 100 pax
Suggested Venues: Sentosa, Southern Ridges, Orchard/ City area, outdoor parks or locations etc.


Learning Values:

✓ Critical thinking skills to complete tasks
✓ Importance of effective 2-way communication for clarification & understanding
✓ Adopting appropriate resources to aid in achieving goals
✓ Listening & trusting each other
✓ Motivating & encouraging team members to complete challenging tasks together
✓ Logical thinking skills applying to work scenario


Optional Top-ups (for Sentosa locations)

• Luge Ride
• Segway Ride