General Team Building Activities

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Here’s a list of general types of indoor teambuilding games that our clients usually choose when planning their teambuilding activities.

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Indoor Teambuilding Games:

  • Problem- solving based Games

Outcomes: Able to work closely with team mates and solve problems as a team


Outcomes:  Able to learn more about team mates, better profiling abilities


  • Communication- based Games

Outcomes: Improved communication between team members and able to interact with others from various departments.


  • Customer Service board game that requires teamwork, designation, creativity & exceptional service to win.

Outcomes: Increase skills for customer service and also building up teamwork


Outcomes: This leads a discussion that is also the dynamics of the murder mystery game to the parallels found in your company & explores the negative side of work relationships (keeping secrets, spreading rumours, suspicion) as well as the positive side of teamwork (collaborating with your team mates, getting to know each other better, making problem solving fun).


Outcomes: Complete facilitation of multi-day corporate retreats including team building adventures, corporate training workshops, team assessments, and strategic planning.


DISC Personality Profiling for Teams

DISC measures behaviour that expands to a work setting of what you are expected to be and what you truly are. This tool provides clarity to many organisations that can make them more efficient and a better working team all together. There are four personality types. These types, blend together to determine your unique personality. To help you understand why you feel, think and act the way you do. The following information summarizes the DISC model of human behaviour:




Benefits of DISC:

  1. Decreased judgement
  2. Become a people developer
  3. Move from a manager of people to a leader of people
  4. Dealing with changes positively






Outdoor Teambuilding Games:

Outcomes: Team will learn about time management when completing the given task, solving problems and playing a game as a team.

Outcomes: Promotes team spirit & breaks down any barriers in a fun, participative way

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